Bidfood Sustainability Reporting:

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2018 – 19: Report 2019

Sustainability continues to be key to our business strategy. This year we’ve radically changed the way we manage our sustainability agenda so that we can respond quicker to the issues driving our strategy. This report continues to focus on our industry collaborations and our Food For the Future workstreams. Read the report to find out more about the action we’re taking to minimise our impact on climate change through reduction in greenhouse emissions and how we’re supporting good health & wellbeing for our employees.

2017 – 18: Report 2018 

Bidfood made giant steps forward this year and evolved our strategy to define how we approach sustainability in the years to come inspired by the UN Sustainability Development Goals. This award winning report contains a summary of our progress, including our new Food for the Future diagram showcased on the front cover.

This report also gained an award for the Annual Sustainability Report Award at the #TMPAwards . Well done team!

Previous reports below:

Previous reports:

2016 – 17: Report 2017

This report is bee themed to highlight our bee engagement campaign ‘to bee or not to bee’ that was launched this year. Read the report to find out about the pollination work we’re doing to help this endangered species. We also continue to focus on our industry collaborations to help drive sustainability forwards for our sector, the plate2planet site being a prime example of this, as well as continuing to look at product provenance and sourcing.

Look out for this symbol in the report to watch videos from our team, suppliers and customers about the different topics we cover.

2015 – 16: Report 2016
This report continues to focus on industry collaborations, including the launch of plate2planet,  helping to drive sustainability for Bidfood and across the foodservice sector.  We also showcase our community engagement and our work with the One Foundation.

2014 – 15: Report 2015
This year our focus is on the many industry collaborations that allow us to improve sustainability across Bidfood.

2013 – 14: Report 2014
We focus this year on circular economy and our efforts to gradually eliminate waste from our operations as we move toward zero landfill.

2012 – 13: Report 2013
This year we introduced the ‘road we travel’ stories, looking at different aspects of sustainability within our supply chain.