Becoming Bidfood
This year we changed our name to Bidfood from Bidfood, as part of a wider programme of evolution which reflects our long-term commitment to driving leadership and innovation within the UK foodservice sector. We worked with customers to understand what matters to you and as a result have identified five key ingredients that we strive to deliver. When we carried out our sustainability review in the summer, we aligned our focal sustainability and CSR initiatives with each of these ingredients, to make sure that sustainability is truly integrated into the business.

Our key ingredients:

Great-food-218x218Great food
• Choose from over 13000 products in our catalogue. Whether you’re looking for essential ingredients or ready to finish products, beers, wines and spirts or even catering supplies, tableware and cleaning products – we’ve got it all covered.
• With all the leading foodservice brands plus our award winning own brand range, our ‘best of both’ approach puts you in control.
• Many of our products are British, Red Tractor and MSC accredited too, so we’re sure to have the ingredients which meet your desired menu or price point requirements.

Service excellenceService-excellence-218x218
• We’re here to make your life easier, focusing on getting the basics right, so that you can concentrate on serving great food.
• Shop the way you want. Order online 24/7 from your smartphone, tablet or PC, or simply phone our local telesales team directly. Once your order is placed, rest assured, our local depot teams are on the case making it happen.
• And with our fleet of multi-temperature vehicles you can be confident that your products will always arrive in the best possible condition.

Real valueReal-value-218x218
• In addition to really competitive pricing, attractive monthly promotions and Safari loyalty rewards, you can also take advantage of a wide range of value added services.
• From the latest insights, recipe ideas and serving suggestions to menu planning and printing support, we’ll keep you informed about current industry trends and support your growth.
• And if you need up-to-date advice, nutritional information or guidance, our Advice Centre is only a phone call or click away.

The-best-team-218x218Best team
Our teams are committed to making your life easier, from our local delivery drivers to telesales teams and business managers. They’ll all contact you regularly to make sure you’re getting the support you need.
• We know that one size doesn’t fit all and will strive to understand your individual business needs. Working with you to keep your menus fresh, innovative and in line with the latest trends.
• If you require more specialist guidance, our dedicated food development, catering supplies, ViVAS drinks and fresh meat experts are always on hand.

Forward thinkingForward-thinking-218x218
We feel it is important to deliver in the right way, for you and for the environment. Being flexible, efficient and responsive to your needs, both now and in the future.
• We’re committed to being close to our customers; that’s why we’ll continually invest in upgrading our network of local depots, implementing efficient new technologies and developing products and services that are sensitive to our impact on the planet.
• We constantly scan the horizon to bring you fresh ideas, insights and new innovative products, helping to keep you one step ahead.

We have a history of focusing on making improvements to improve the sustainability of our business, here’s some of the highlights:

3663_Timeline_Closed Loop_3-01.jpg

What do our team say?

Here’s some thoughts from our colleagues: