Leading change in foodservice



Bidfood sits at the heart of a unique network of foodservice providers and customers, and this gives us both a great insight into how the foodservice business is changing, as well as an opportunity to work with our partners to make things better.

We want to be at the forefront of this change – creating a healthier, more sustainable and more engaged type of foodservice that is fit to face the challenges ahead of us. We have enhanced our sustainability strategy and launched a programme called ‘Food for the Future’.

We have used the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help shape our own sustainability/CSR strategy and priorities.

The strategy is aligned to UN SDG goal (12) responsible consumption and production and (17) partnerships for the goals plus makes reference to additional UN SDG goals, with expert groups focusing on four workstreams:

  • Managing our impacts (previously environment, transport and waste)
  • Offering healthy and sustainable choice (previously product)
  • Empowering our people (previously people)
  • Engaging our communities (previously community)

Industry collaboration

Most of the key sustainability challenges that we face need co-operation and partnerships across the foodservice industry. We believe that collaboration is a better way of working than tackling these challenges alone.  We are working with our partners to provide a wide range of materials, solutions and guidance to support sustainability across the supply chain and within the foodservice sector.

We’re particularly proud of how we have worked in collaboration with partners to build the plate2planet website – a rich online resource of insight, inspiration and best practice. This has helped us to work with other stakeholders to understand what is important and to continually refine our priorities.

We’ve also signed the Courtauld Commitment 2025: a voluntary agreement to reduce the environmental impact of our food and drink by working in partnership across the supply chain.