At Bidfood we focus on delivering service excellence and providing all the right ingredients to help our customers grow. One of these key ingredients is our established commitment to sustainability and we want to make sure that we continue to help lead the foodservice industry’s sustainability and social responsibility agenda.

We see a key objective in achieving this is through collaboration within the foodservice industry to achieve closer working within the entire supply chain so that best practice can be shared and we can work together to take this sector forward.

One of our larger collaborations is the development of this foodservice sustainability website. Whether you’re interested in the latest food transport innovations or tastiest ways to use spare off cuts in the kitchen, our aim is to form a hub for the food industry to share insights. We’re partnering with a number of leading brands to share our experiences with the broader industry and to ask others to share their best tips. We hope if everyone gleans a nugget of something useful from this, it will help move the industry on towards improved sustainability performance.


Our sustainability policy:

We believe that looking after our colleagues, customers, communities and the environment are long term commitments. Being close to our customers is important so we continually invest in upgrading our network of local depots.

We seek to be considerate of our environment and social impacts alongside our company performance and are committed to corporate, social and environmental responsibility, conducting our business in a professional and ethical manner. Everything we do is about being flexible, efficient and responsive to your needs, both now and in the future.

We comply with all applicable regulations and standards, exceeding requirements where possible. This policy applies to all colleagues and contractors, who are expected to work in line with the ethos of this policy.

We are committed to making real progress to mitigate our impact on the environment, providing real choice for more sustainable and healthy eating products for our customers. We seek to inspire our people to be socially and environmentally responsible and to encouraging community engagement throughout our company. The detail of our key objectives can still be seen on our sustainability website pages. Our progress against our targets is reviewed within by our sustainability steering group, and we publish our achievements annually in our sustainability report which is independently validated every year.

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