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Baking with Flours and Breads

With our McDougalls Young Baking Team Competition final approaching, our Executive Chef, Mark Rigby shares his expertise on baking with flours and breads.

With the UK eating out market valued at a staggering £89.4bn in 2018[1], it has never been more important for outlets to perfect their food offering to ensure they are catering to meet consumer demand. With eating out becoming more and more popular, time pressures for chefs in the kitchen are also continuing to increase – our range of McDougalls flour based mixes require just the addition of water in order to create delicious bakes, making for a cost and time effective solution.

Sandwiches are the most popular lunch choice when eating out[2] and are a great option to have on your menu because of their ease and versatility. Experiment with different fillings, accompaniments and bases in order to spice up your offering for your customers. Our Hovis® Best of Both® Bread and Roll Mix is a great healthier alternative to pure white bread. The product contains a combination of wheat white flour and wholemeal flour, with added wheatgerm*, the made up mix is also rich in calcium and a source of fibre. The Hovis mix is the ideal base for a sandwich, fill with popular foods such as cheese, ham or egg, and offer the option of items such as crisps, a side salad and coleslaw for your customers. Soup is often a popular dish during winter and is great served alongside a sandwich so why not try a midweek soup and sandwich deal on your menu. Options such as having the sandwich toasted will broaden the variety on offer to your customers in a simple way and encourage them to trade up.

With pizza residing in the top most consumed dishes when eating out of home[3], it’s a great dish to have on your menu, not only because of its popularity but because of how it can be personalised to someone’s specific preferences so easily. Our McDougalls Pizza Base Mix is a quick and easy solution for a delicious pizza which is ready to be topped however your customer likes it. Why not experiment with a pizza bar on your menu where customers can pick a main topping such as pepperoni or roasted vegetables, a cheese such as mozzarella or cheddar and a base sauce such as tomato and basil or BBQ. This feature allows your customers to get really creative with their food and have fun whilst ordering. Smaller pizza bases could also be created, ideal for catering for little ones. You can offer any further toppings for those that want it at a set cost, as well as listing some sides that go well with the dish such as garlic bread or a side salad. This will encourage your customers to order these alongside their main, particularly if they are in a group and are looking to share.

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