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Bidfood signs up to ‘Peas Please’ pledge

We’ve recently signed a ‘Peas Please’ pledge along with a list of other foodservice organisations – a ‘veg pledge’ to help increase nationwide consumption, for both our customers and employees.

As consumption levels for vegetables decline, the Peas Please initiative aims to bring together farmers, retailers, fast food and restaurant chains, caterers, processors and government departments with a common goal of making it easier for everyone to eat veg.

David Jones, Director of Technical Services, said: “As a business we’ve proactively promoted nutrition and supported our customers to achieve healthier menus across foodservice for many years, but at the same time we’ve been very much aware that vegetable consumption has been on the decline.

“We feel vegetables have certainly been overlooked in terms of their nutritional importance and their appeal – with a lot of emphasis on hiding them in smoothies, as ingredients in cakes or blending them down in recipes to make them more palatable.

“So when we first heard about the Peas Please campaign, we saw real relevance in it as a platform to drive promoting the consumption of vegetables in a fun and creative way, both with consumers, customers and our own employees.

“Ultimately it’s about getting vegetables back on the menu, ensuring there is enough choice so that we can encourage people to eat an extra portion of vegetables a day.

“Our own Healthy Living Working Group are really behind this and are taking steps to promote this, by supplying more vegetable products to canteens in every depot, raising awareness of the health benefits of vegetables and by marketing vegetables in a really positive way by developing a range of recipes that include more veggies.

“We see this pledge as the start of a journey for our own teams and with like-minded customers and suppliers, which we’re excited to see unfold.”

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