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Cookery School at Little Portland pushing Delphis Eco!

Sustainability has always been part of the ethos and business plan of Cookery School at Little Portland Street. Since 2003, the school’s founder Rosalind Rathouse, has been inspiring and teaching students how to cook, keeping the practice of sustainability as a core value.mark award cookery school

Having been named the “Best Cookery School in 2013”, Cookery School at Little Portland Street uses the freshest and most sustainable ingredients, translating to high quality, great tasting dishes. They have always focused on minimizing the impact on the environment by recycling all wastes, using renewable energy, and sourcing locally and seasonally. Although there has been an industry wide move toward sustainability, Rosalind Rathouse believes the catering sector is moving far too slowly when it comes to adopting sustainable practices.

In the transition to become even more sustainable, Cookery School at Little Portland Street decided to adopt a new and more eco-friendly way of cleaning. When the school learned of Delphis Eco, the leading manufacturer of ecological cleaning products in the UK, they found a wide range of effective products that covered all of their requirements. “I think we ought to be looking after our earth better than we are,” says Rosalind Rathouse. “We understand Delphis Eco products to be as carbon neutral as cleaning products can be.” The school made the switch to Delphis Eco cleaning products 4 years ago, marking the beginning of a successful relationship with eco-friendly cleaning. They are the only London Cookery School awarded the maximum 3 stars for sustainability from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), in addition to being runner-up for the “Most Sustainable Cookery School 2014”.

Through courses at the school, Rcookery teachingosalind Rathouse aims to show her students that sustainability is easy. Although there is often a lack of education and recognition surrounding cleaning chemicals when it comes to sustainability policy, it is an essential part of The Cookery School at Little Portland Street’s effort to lessen the impact on the environment.

With Delphis Eco, all products are made from ecological ingredients making them safer for the environment and the people using them. “We’ve been really pleased with Delphis Eco products because it is the only total system available that fits our requirements,” says Rosalind Rathouse. “It doesn’t pollute the environment, and for us that’s very important.”

Delphis Eco has received Royal Warrants from both HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH The Prince of Wales, in addition to being named the “Food Made Good” supplier of the year 2016 by the Sustainable Restaurant Association. With a business model that contributes to minimizing pollution and its impact on the environment at every stage, Delphis Eco complements Cookery School’s commitment to sustainability.

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