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Food Waste – Princes update

In 2019 Princes joined with the Champions 12.3 initiative in supporting the Sustainable Development Goal target ( also 12.3 ) of reducing field to fork food waste by 50% by 2030

In line with the WRAP principles of 1) Target, 2) Measure 3) Act….we set this target and then set abut measuring food waste across all our operations ( 14 in total )

Here are our results :

Total food production 1,955,064 tonnes.

Gross food waste = 94,431 tonnes = 4.83% of food produced.

We deduct from this the waste going to positive use :

  • Animal Feed – 71,796 tonnes
  • Human consumption -159 tonnes

Nett food waste = 22,386 tonnes = 1.15% of production :

20,831 tonnes went to Anaerobic Digestion, 1,425 tonnes went to landfill (not safe to consume) and 130 tonnes went through sewer/wastewater treatment.

Its a solid position  – low compared to some industry peers – and we now have a set of data on which to target all our manufacturing sites to reduce from.

We are not complacent and there are responsibilities across multiple functions within our business to ensure that we :

1)Prevent waste in the first place

2)Redistribute more waste to people and animal feed

3)Ensure nothing goes to landfill – ever.

4)Engage our suppliers to reduce waste and communicate more to consumers on waste in the home

5) Find better commercial uses for our waste

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