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Free Tool: The Planet Mark SDG mapping table

Download this table to identify what actions your business can take to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and which Goals The Planet Mark™ contributes to.

How can The Planet Mark™ help your business align with the SDGs in a meaningful and measurable way?

Meaningful action

The Planet Mark™ for Business is a certification programme that recognises continuous improvement in sustainability. Organisations are awarded The Planet Mark™ by committing to and then having to meet minimum reduction targets in their environmental impacts year-on-year. In this way, The Planet Mark™ ensures holders are taking meaningful action on sustainability.

Measurable action

In order to retain The Planet Mark™, certification holders must reduce their carbon footprint year-on-year, through savings in energy, waste, water, travel, and procurement. The minimum annual carbon reduction is 2.5%, but holders of The Planet Mark™ are exceeding this target year-on-year – they achieved an average absolute carbon reduction of 4%, and per employee reduction of 10%, in 2016 compared to 2015.

Holders of The Planet Mark™ are also required to set targets to reduce their carbon footprint on an annual basis. The Planet Mark™ Certification uses a rigorous methodology for calculating and verifying carbon footprints based on the internationally recognised standard, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This ensures The Planet Mark™ Certification delivers measurable impacts in alignment with SDGs.

Further action

The Planet Mark™ Certification programme also contributes to the UN SDGs through the two main charities it partners with and invests in:

Eden Project Partnership

The Planet Mark™ is partnered with the Eden Project, an educational charity and an award-winning international visitor destination and centre for education in sustainability and innovation. Every business certification awarded through The Planet Mark™ programme contributes 5% of the fee to the Eden Project. In addition, each certification comes with 12 free tickets to Eden Project that organisations are encouraged to use to learn more about climate change and the importance of biodiversity.

Cool Earth Partnership

The Planet Mark™ is partnering with Cool Earth, the award-winning charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. Alongside every new business certification, The Planet Mark™ protects an acre of rainforest through Cool Earth.

The impact of protecting an acre of rainforest is measurable and amounts to:

  • 240 trees protected
  • Thousands of species sheltered
  • 76,000 litres of water produced
  • 260 tonnes of CO2 stored.

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