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Go Green Whilst Working From Home

No Commute…no train delays…flexible working…time to do those bits of home maintenance you’ve been meaning to get around to for years… what’s not to love! Whilst this time of unexpected solitude begins to feel like the new norm, it is as important as ever to consider the environment and what our home-life impact on it is.

There are obviously tonnes of environmental benefits which will manifest themselves as a large proportion of the world is told to ‘stay home’ – did you hear dolphins have been spotted in the canals in Venice?! We actually did some Sherlock-style research into this and sadly, it wasn’t true – though a nice thought nonetheless!

Setting up a new home-office means there’s lots to think about. Where shall I sit? Is it too dark? Too light? When did I last stand up? Or more importantly, when did I last have a cup of tea? If you’re anything like us, it was 5 minutes ago! Whilst we ponder and adjust to our new lives, it is worth remembering that we still have an environment to look after. Take a look at our top tips for going green, whilst working from home.

Unleash your inner chef

Say so long to the meal deal. Au revoir to lunches with the cooking instructions “pierce film lid”. And sayonara to soup in single use plastic packaging. You now have the power to make fresh food from the comfort of your own home. And no, no one can comment on your microwaved fish. Whilst this is obviously a great opportunity to support your local shops if possible, we also appreciate there are times where shops are in short supply. How creative can you get with those long lost tins of lentils, chickpeas and tinned tomatoes lurking in the backs of your cupboards?

Go paperless

This is a great opportunity to kick that ‘new stationery’ addiction. No, you don’t need to see what the new multi-coloured biro is like. Whilst we appreciate that the to do list, made with a good old fashioned pen and paper, is pretty well unbeatable in terms of being organised, it is still good to try and keep your workspace clear of clutter where possible. Definitely keep the necessities: computer, water, tea and snacks, pen, paper and your favourite plant! Try to do without the stacks of highlighters, pencils and post-its cluttering your space. If you anything like us, mess will find you – try to keep it minimal!

Not just any old table

Your workspace is where you will spend most of your time from now on, so carefully consider what you are working on. Whilst it isn’t always possible to set up camp away from where you like to relax, try to have a desk that works for you ergonomically. Second-hand and charity shops are closed right now, so rather than buying new and online, what about trying some improvising at home? Ironing boards, with their adjustable heights, are pretty nifty table extenders – a teapigs approved recommendation!

Don’t sweat it

Being a B Corp, part of our mission is to stay on top of things like the amount of energy our office consumes, in terms of electricity heating and air quality. Our office, like many others, is closed right now, but there are tonnes of things we can do at home to keep our sustainability values going.   For example, recycle used paper, install low-energy lightbulbs, and put a jumper on – not the heating! At teapigs, we adore all kind of plant life, if you’re the same then make sure your home office is bustling with all sorts of plant life, an excellent source of oxygen, but also we just love plants! Look at it this way too – there are no arguments about it being too hot or cold when it’s your own home office!

Most importantly though – stay healthy and stay happy. Whilst it’s easy to talk about the environmental benefits of staying home, it is important to keep on top of your mental and emotional wellbeing. Make sure you take your one form of exercise every day, speak to your friends, family and colleagues as much as you can, and where you can – see their faces… video call is our new best friend!

Good luck out there, and stay safe.

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