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Join the food sharing revolution!

olioYou can get a free lunch after all! (or two, or three..)

Did you know that the average household (yes, you and me!) throws away £700 worth of food and drink a year?* That’s the same as throwing £1.91 in the bin, every day! Not only is this a huge waste of money and resources, it also contributes to climate change because decomposing food generates greenhouse gas.

So, at the autumn sustainability coordinator workshops, I was really pleased to hear about Olio, a food sharing app that aims to match up people giving away perfectly usable excess food to those who might want it. I registered as a user and within seconds could see free food within a short distance from my house that I could collect.

I persuaded friends to join up and it’s amazing what you get on there. I’ve given away unwanted tea bags and tins of biscuits, and someone kindly gave me loads of ‘Jane Plan’ diet meals! So have a look for yourself and join the food sharing revolution; you’ll save a lot of money, help our planet and get a feel-good community feeling while you’re at it!

*WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) statistics, 2015



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