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Food for Life Served Here awards food providers making positive impacts through food. We certify caterers for providing meals cooked from scratch, using sustainable fish, free range eggs and ingredients that can be traced back to the farm. If you see the Food for Life Served Here logo you can be reassured that the caterer has met a set of criteria developed by the Soil Association and food industry experts, and has undergone an independent inspection. Caterers going that extra mile are awarded silver or gold Food for Life Served Here accreditation. These caterers are taking extra steps to make healthy eating easier for customers and using more eco-friendly, ethical ingredients. We also encourage the use of local produce, to support your local economy and protect the environment for the future.

Food for Life Served Here is part of the Soil Association, the UK’s largest food and farming membership charity.




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The Food for Life Served Here award (previously know as the Catering Mark), is an independent award scheme that means you can guarantee that the food on your menus meets certain standards.

A Food for Life Served Here award means you’re serving local, fresh and honest food cooked by chefs who really care about quality and ingredients, in a setting that takes your customer’s health and well-being seriously. It means your staff and customers know that the majority of food on the menu is freshly prepared, free from undesirable trans fats, sweeteners and additives, and is cooked by trained chefs.


It’s not all about being organic…the entry-level Bronze Award is largely concerned with delivering fresh, traceable food that meets nutritional guidelines. The Silver and Gold Awards focus more on use of organic produce, ethical and environmentally friendly food, locally sourced ingredients and steps to offer healthier menus.  


The scheme started in schools (and over 10,000 of them serve food to our standards), but you will now find Food for Life Served Here meals in hospitals, care homes, universities and colleges, and in a growing number of workplaces and visitor attractions – in fact over 1.6 million Food for Life Served Here meals are served a day all around the UK.


The Food For Life Served Here Award has been cited by NHS England as a way to improve hospital food, and by the Department for Education as a national framework to support caterers to increase uptake of quality school meals. The Government’s new Plan for Procurement recognises the Food for Life Served Here Award as a ‘well-established’ best practice tool. Not only does the award deliver against the growing consumers expectation that food be inspected and certified, but the award It also opens doors to public sector contracts, which increasingly specify these standards. Caterers have reported that the process can be cost-neutral and may even save money.