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National Diet & Nutrition Survey 2009- 2017…Food for Thought

Some interesting findings for Princes, Bidfood and the wider industry to consider from the latest NDNS data……
Soft drinks with added sugar very clearly on the decline, especially amongst children in the nine year period. Some media referring to this as a ringing endorsement of the ‘sugar tax’. An interesting take seeing as the data refers to the nine years before the legislation was introduced.
Oily fish and Omega 3 consumption still well under recommended levels…

Fruit and Vegetable intake also still well under recommended levels for all ages/genders. As the British Dietetic Association commented….”Frozen and canned fruit and vegetables are just as good – we need to encourage people to use them as well as fresh products”

Princes will renew our efforts to remind our customers and consumers of the nutritional value, convenience and low waste at farm level that goes into canned food…as well as can being an endlessly and widely recyclable packaging format #thehumblecan

BBC – NDNS Survey latest results

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