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Plastics Update from Princes Limited

Its pretty clear that Blue Planet and countless other proof points have changed the way food and drink manufacturers and consumers think about plastic.

We all are aware that plastic does serve a purpose – its lightweight, durable and lends itself to low levels of supply chain and in the home food waste.

But while there is a logic to using plastic we have to make sure we are using recycled materials and that plastics are widely recyclable  –  these are essential in a functioning circular economy.

Princes has been on this journey for some time, we manufacture around 922 million PET bottles every years for our brand and customer own brand soft drinks and edible oils ( cooking, olive etc ). That’s about 7% of all the PET bottles placed on the UK market each year.

Every one of these contains UK sourced 50% recycled PET – drinks and oils, our brands and customers brands – we don’t discriminate. In itself this is a huge achievement given the scale and its taken us about 10 years with suppliers  to get here – no Blue Planet knee jerk response from us !

Our work has meant that of all the plastics we use in our UK manufacturing , 99% of it is widely recyclable and our average recycled content across all plastics is 45% ( Industry target is 30% by 2025 ).

No complacency from us, we still have more to do and will not rest until 100% of our plastics from global operations is widely recyclable and we have as much recycled content as is physically possible.

We are very much committed to playing our part in a circular economy.



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