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Seeing glacial shrinkage first hand in Iceland

We hear about ice sheets and glaciers melting and the effects of climate change but it’s rare to experience it first-hand. That’s exactly what happened to Julie Owst, who oversees Bidfood’s sustainability programme, when she travelled to Iceland earlier this month.

Julie travelled to Sólheimajökull glacier and was shocked to see the rate of retreat of the glacier, the footprint of which has been measured annually by a local school and signposted every year since 2010. The signpost indicates where the front edge of the glacier lay in 2010 , but as you can see, this is now just bare earth.

The sign is very ‘homemade’ but it shows that the glacier at the front edge shrank by a shocking 110m in 2018 alone. At 60m depth, that’s a lot of meltwater adding to sea levels in just one year from a relatively small glacier and these impacts will be felt by us all in terms of rising sea levels and the associated impacts around the world.

In this example, the Icelandic community are doing what they can to engage their young people in minimising climate change, and we all need to do what we can to help and enable our employees, our customers and our suppliers to make more sustainable choices.

At Bidfood, we’re minimising our impacts by reducing carbon emissions year on year, and our focus group are coming up with new ideas to sustainably innovate. We all need to do this, because the urgency case to act couldn’t be clearer.

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